The Bayman’s Daughter by Theresa Dodaro

Imagine going back in time, one hundred years, from 2012 to 1912, and then living through the years in-between, knowing what will occur. A young man will have to leave behind, his parents, brothers, friends, and the life he knew in 2012 in order to find the woman he is destined to live his life with in 1912. When an old man tells him that a young woman needs him and is waiting for him at Meadow Croft, the summer home of John Ellis Roosevelt in Sayville on the south shore of Long Island, at first, he thinks the old man is crazy. But as the old man’s words start to make sense, the young man goes to Meadow Croft on the night of the Harvest Blood Moon, also the night of Super Storm Sandy, and never returns. Scattered through the struggles and challenges that face them, together they will find courage, compassion, understanding, and both love and loss; but most of all, they will find a family of their own. Building the future in the past, the story comes full circle as that young man realizes the true identity of some of the family members he had to leave behind.

The Bayman’s Daughter expected publication date: 2021 (Currently seeking a Literary Agent)

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