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Now Available!  The Porcelain Doll by Theresa Dodaro
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out of 5 stars

 Wonderful story

The Tin Box Secret by Theresa Dodaro is an extraordinary story about a young girl navigating her way through life and an intriguing mystery in the turbulent 60’s. The writing is captivating, with a few surprising twists.

The narration by Laura Jennings is also well done.

5 out of 5 stars

April H.

  • Kansas
  • 04-07-18

The Tin Box Secret: Theresa Dodaro

Oh My!!!

This is one of the best books I’ve listened to for a long while. The three main characters, young girls are getting ready for high school. The plot flows continually, in an ever changing way. It does not get lost or bogged down along the way. We get mysteries, historical fiction, coming of age, dysfunctional families, romance / obsession, and even a bit of paranormal. I’m excited to see where the rest of this series goes, as it did leave a bit of a cliff-hanger.

The narration was well done. The characters were well portrayed. Laura Jennings brought these characters to life!!!

Spotlight Interview:
 The Tin Box Secret and The Hope Chest were Finalists in the 2017 IAN Awards (Independent Author Network) in both Young Adult and Historical Fiction categories.
Come and meet local author, Theresa Dodaro, on October 18th, 2018 at 7 p.m. at the Oceanside Library. She will discuss how she prepares for writing her historical fiction novels. In addition to being the author of The Tin Box Trilogy (The Tin Box Secret; The Hope Chest; and Reawakening), she will soon be publishing her novel, The Porcelain Doll, a story about two girls, one Catholic and one Jewish, growing up in East Prussia during WWII. Follow the girls through the war years and after, as they become refugees, and eventually, find their way to America. She is also currently writing a novel that takes place in Sayville shortly after the turn of the century, entitled The Bayman’s Daughter. About her current books: The Tin Box Secret is the first in a trilogy and the story of three girls growing up in Baldwin in 1968-1969. The trilogy spans over 100 years. In the Hope Chest, the second book in the trilogy, Julie Ventura lives through her previous life as Lottie Clark during the Civil War and the Siege of Vicksburg. In the final book, Reawakening, Julie awakens from a coma in 1969 with total recall of her previous life as a wife and mother, but now she is sixteen years old again. Not only does she miss the family she lost one hundred years ago, but she soon discovers that while she was gone, her current family and friends have moved on with their lives. When she starts to realize that the people in her current life were with her in her past life, she tries to do things differently this time. After all, there are opportunities available to a woman entering the 1970s that weren’t there when she lived in the later half of the 19th century. But of course, life is never that simple. The Tin Box Trilogy is currently available at Oceanside Library and on Amazon.

Theresa Dodaro

Published on May 20, 2017 and currently available on  Amazon (The Final Book in the Tin Box Trilogy):



The Tin Box Secret, was published in October 2015 and is currently available at Amazon.com.  The second book, The Hope Chest, was published in July 2016 and is also currently available at Amazon.com.  The third book, Reawakening, was published in May 2017.

Theresa started writing her blog, Raising Drama, when her children became teenagers.  The blog expanded to include stories she wrote about her ancestors’ lives, the struggles of watching her mother suffer from Memory Loss, and stories about her beloved pets, Daisy and Duke.

Theresa Dodaro grew up in Baldwin on Long Island, New York, and graduated from Stony Brook University before working in Publishing and Marketing.

The trilogy was inspired by Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, which was published in 1899.  It was thought to be so inappropriate for women to read that it was ordered to be taken off of bookshelves.  Kate Chopin’s work of fiction affected Theresa greatly when she read it in college. The idea of the lack of choice that women experienced in centuries past, motivated her to write this trilogy to inspire women, young and old alike, to appreciate the choices that they do have today.

Through her writing, Theresa hopes to pass along the message that no matter what has happened to you in the past, there is one choice that cannot be taken away from you:  You can choose to let the past destroy you, or you can choose to survive and thrive in spite of it.


Current Project:  The Porcelain Doll

Issy and Rachel are two girls growing up in East Prussia when WWII turns their world upside down. Years later, Issy’s granddaughter, Jace, comes to visit her in the Great Smoky Mountains and records Issy’s story while trying to find a new direction for her own life. Grandmother and Granddaughter share a special bond as Issy tells Jace about her life. Neither of them realize that their time together is limited and that they are both as fragile as porcelain dolls.


Copies of The Tin Box Secret,  The Hope Chest, and Reawakening are now available for sale at discounted prices at:

The Catbird Seat @ 18 Main Street, Sayville, https://www.thecatbirdseat.us/ NY

Turn of the Corkscrew Books & Wine @ 110 N. Park Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY, http://turnofthecorkscrew.com/.

Saunderskill Farms @ 5100 Route 209, Accord, NY; http://www.saunderskill.com/

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The Tin Box Trilogy


Theresa Dodaro – A Sayville Author of The Tin Box Trilogy