Discussion Questions for The Bayman’s Daughter

1. What were some of the most emotional parts of the book for you?

2. What did you take away from this book that is relevant to our world/society today?

3. Were you interested right from the start of the novel or was it a slow burn?

4. Were there any standout words of wisdom that made you pause and think about your own life?

5. What surprised you the most about this book?

6. Which scene disturbed you the most?

7. Did you fact check any historical points made in the book?

8. Do you think you have to live locally to appreciate this book?

9. Which character did you most feel an affinity with?

10. If you were to cast a movie based on this book, who would you cast?

11. If you had a chance to ask the author a question about this book, what would it be?

12. What did you already know about the historical events in this book and what did you learn?

13. What themes did you find in this story?

14. What motivates Hannah’s actions?

15. In what ways do Hannah and Philip grow or change during the course of the novel?

16. Can you pick out a passage that strikes you as particularly profound or interesting?

17. Did this book make you think differently about anything? Did it introduce you to a new point of view or a new concept?

18. Was this book what you expected it to be based on the summary?

19. How did the setting and time period affect the story?

20. Did the story unfold the way you expected; if not, what surprised you?

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