The tightrope walker gingerly takes one step at a time, Below him, cities are bombed by missiles launched from far and wide, The children cry for their fathers who were left behind, The mothers clutch their children and wonder where their futures lie. The tightrope walker takes another step as the rope beneath him shakes, His divided country judges every step and for him to … Continue reading Ukraine

Discussion Questions for The Bayman’s Daughter

1. What were some of the most emotional parts of the book for you? 2. What did you take away from this book that is relevant to our world/society today? 3. Were you interested right from the start of the novel or was it a slow burn? 4. Were there any standout words of wisdom that made you pause and think about your own life? … Continue reading Discussion Questions for The Bayman’s Daughter

Basic Needs

We are taught that humans have basic physical needs in order to sustain life: air, water, food, shelter, and warmth. It has been my experience that there are also basic emotional needs that are necessary in order to sustain a healthy relationship. As an author when I am developing characters for my novels, relationships have to be explored, developed, and, in some cases, sustained. The … Continue reading Basic Needs