Becoming Better

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Being a writer is one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced.  Although writing has become as essential to me as breathing, it has also become a formidable mountain to climb.  On one hand, there are my wonderful readers.  Thank God for them!  They truly make all the hours, days, months, and years of writing worthwhile.  But on the other hand, there has become this personal challenge that I have set up for myself to become a better writer with each book that I write.

The bar rises and I face the challenge.  To retain those wonderful readers, I must succeed.  But more importantly, to feel worthy of having those readers, I must prove it to myself that I can become a better writer each time.

One thought on “Becoming Better

  1. The Porcelain Doll is one of the best books I have read recently. The writer’s descriptions of the characters and settings made me feel like I was in the book. I forgot it was fiction. The image of a broken faced porcelain doll was so astute. The book characters were broken by the war but in the end become healed as the doll gets fixed and her face is no longer fractured. I loved the relationships of all the characters and their strength. The book was like fine wine, you never wanted it to end. Bravo to Theresa Dodaro. I will make your book a Christmas gift to my friends. I read The Tine Box trilogy and cannot wait for Theresa Dodaro’s next book.


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