In the End

Some books are written based on a proven successful formula.  They have all of the components to make for an engaging story-line.  But there is a difference between these books and ones that are written from the heart and the soul.  The former are well planned out, the latter unfold as imagination is let lose.

I had a creative writing teacher in college who once told us to never write for money, but instead, to write for ourselves.  I understand this now that I have self-published the first two novels in The Tin Box Trilogy.  First of all, the chance of even making back the money that it cost to publish them is a lofty goal, forget about actually making money.  Second, if I had written them for money, I would have stopped after the first book.  (Little laugh now.)  But seriously, the drive to keep writing does not, and cannot, come from any monetary gain, it can only come from a passion for telling the story.

As I write the final book in the trilogy, Reawakening, I am finding the tying of all the lose ends both fascinating and challenging.  The reward now being reaped is discovering how my characters develop and change by the end of the story.  The final climaxes and the final search for answers are being revealed.  For those of you who have stayed with me to this end, thank you and I hope I have not disappointed you.  For me, I have written this trilogy from my heart and my soul, and in the end, I am content with that.


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